Global Risks Consultancy offers a wide range of training, support- and capacity development services to government, militairy, law enforcement and commercial customers worldwide.

Our consultants, instructors and training staff are highly skilled professionals with extensive backgrounds in security management, governance, diplomacy, international law and protective security especially in high risks and complex environments.

After decades of experience serving with militairy and law enforcement specialist units they are able to deliver a professional and hands-on solution for any training, development or security requirement.
Global Crisis Management and worldwide security solutions
Multidisciplinary teams engage every security problem worldwide within 48 hours


United Arab Emirates office
t. 00 97156 955 8364

RAK Freezone, Al Nakkeel
Ras al Khaimah

The Netherlands
t. 0031 10 - 2045556

Lichtenauwerlaan 102-120
3062 ME, Rotterdam

Global Risks Consultancy is an independent consultancy firm, specialised in advising companies and organisations on complex economic, political and security issues in (high-)risk areas and upcoming markets across the globe.

By collecting local data, conducting in-depth studies and our experts’ critical analyses we are able to provide highly reliable information to support our clients' strategic and commercial decisions.
Global Risks Consultancy exists of a highly trained multidisciplinary team of security and information specialists from a wide range of government sectors from different countries, all with proven track records.
Combined with our operational security services – which can deployed anywhere in the world – we are your professional and discrete partner with the highest level of integrity.


Global Risks Consultants carried out their task under the most difficult circumstances during my deployment and travelling trough Iraq. During this wartime conditions they have proven to be the best dedicated professionals in the field of security.
- Dutch ambassador, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Baghdad Iraq.
I travel very often to the European Parliament because of my job. Global Risks Consultants always take care of me during my stay in Brussels. I feel secure and they take their job very seriously. I would like to recommend the services of Global RIsks Consultants.
- Diplomat United Nations.
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